Transportation Business


People move in their daily lives for various purposes.

We wish to help them make a solid connection with people, places or dreams at their destinations.

With this wish in mind, we started our business in the area of transportation services. In February 2014, we celebrated our 70th anniversary, an important milestone for us.

In 2015, five bus companies of the Mie Kotsu Group were granted the highest rank of three stars in the Charter Bus Company Safety Assessment Certification System.

Finding great joy in seeing our customers smile when they arrive at their destinations, we will continue to provide safe and comfortable transportation services.

Mie Kotsu Co., Ltd.

Transit Bus
Middle-distance express bus
Charter bus “DREAM II”

Mie Kotsu Co., Ltd offers transit and charter bus services as community-based public transportation services, mainly in Mie Prefecture. It also operates intercity express buses to Nagoya, Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto, and limousine buses bound for Chubu Centrair International Airport. It is also involved in other businesses focusing on bus services, providing one of the largest bus services in Japan. The other businesses include the commissioned operation of city buses of the Transportation Bureau of the City of Nagoya and the commissioned management of the operation of private vehicles, as well as a motor truck business, an automobile repair business    , a tour business, an insurance business, an advertising business, and a rental business, incidental to the transportation business.



Meihankints Co., Ltd.etsu Bus

Transit bus
Charter bus
Deluxe charter bus “Roman II”

Meihankintetsu Bus Co., Ltd. operates a charter bus business in the Tokai region, including Aichi, Gifu, and Mie Prefectures, as its core business. It also operates transit buses and community buses in the Seino region in Gifu Prefecture, as well as intercity express buses connecting Nagoya with Kyoto, Osaka, and Universal Studios Japan.

Sanco Taxi Co., Ltd.

Sanco Taxi “Prius α”

Sanco Taxi Co., Ltd., one of the largest taxi companies in Mie Prefecture, has nine business offices in Kuwana City,Shima City,and various other cities in Mie Prefecture. It offers tour taxi services and proxy services for hospital reservations and shopping, aiming to become a taxi company that can carefully respond to the requests of customers.