Mie Country Club

Mie Country Club Co., Ltd.

Mie Country Club Co., Ltd. runs the Mie Country Club (18 holes, par 72), an authentic resort golf course located near the Yunoyama-onsen Hot Spring at the foot of Mt. Gozaisho.

< Travel Plan >

旅行プラン 三重CC津CC-1

< beautiful mountain view!  Enjoy this scenery >

< Tee House, I hear a babble. >

< Although Mie country Club is a hilly course, you can enjoy spacious fairways!  >

< Cross the small bridge over a creek and hit a tee shot from here. >

< a fun time.  >

< It’s tee shot that requires techniques to be surrounded by trees. >

< Green is at the top. It’s unusual, isn’t it?! >

< This green is on the top of the hill!  Please watch this video. >

< This is one of the real thrill of golf! >

< Golf-Jizo. in Japanese >
Jizo is ‘a bodhisattva that scoops all living things with vast mercy and like the earth’. 

Mie country club boasts good accessibility and convenience for sightseeing. In the first half of  2019, Komono Interchange (tentative name) will be opened on the Shin-Meishin Expressway. You’ll arrive within 5 minutes by the interchange.